The Process


Our process is clear and transparent. Our client is you - the borrower - and we work with you to assess requirements, understand your business and then present it to suitable lenders. The four steps are:


STEP 1: Producing a transaction overview

As an investor, you will be provided with a transaction summary, a document that includes a situation overview, business KPIs and usage of funds. Furthermore, we provide summary financials, proposed debt metrics and notes / commentary. This will provide the base for an initial assessment as to whether it goes any further as well as providing the borrower with indications of terms.

STEP 2: Due diligence and information gathering

CreditSquare advisory, sometimes in conjunction with third party advisory firms, collects a set of information sufficient to take to full credit assessment. A continuous dialogue with credit is maintained to avoid unnecessary additional information requests.

STEP 3: Credit analysis and structuring

The CreditSquare credit team performs a full credit assessment of the borrower and structures a loan document. This is done in parallel with any additional third party due diligence. The output to an investor is a full credit pack ready for approval, which includes a credit memo, full financial model, a data room with underlying data and any other relevant information.

STEP 4: Drawdown and loan administration

Once a loan has been drawn down, CreditSquare maintains the relationship with the borrower, performs servicing, security agency and any restructuring services.