The Process


CreditSquare bridges the gap between a borrower looking for funding to an investor looking for an investment with favourable risk-adjusted returns.


STEP 1: Information gathering & assessment

We start our process by talking to you to understand your situation. The questions we ask may seem rather detailed for a first step, but this is because we know what information our lenders, including the CreditSquare credit team, need in order to provide indicative terms.

Based on this initial discussion and some basic financial information, we create a proposed engagement document which defines our proposed approach and what expect to achieve for you as a client. Our suggested approach ranges from a wide-ranging competitive advisory process to a targeted approach, depending on your requirements.

STEP 2: Discussions with selected lenders

We match your lending request and your company profile with the lenders most likely to meet your requirements. At this stage, we do not reveal the name of your company to lenders, unless appropriate to do so and agreed with you.

We share details of your requirement and our analysis with selected lenders in our own standard format, which lenders are used to seeing.

STEP 3: Feedback & indicative terms

The lenders review the information we send them and make a decision on offering indicative terms. We manage the process with the lenders to ensure an efficient process.

We then share details of the indicative terms with you, and discuss which lender you would like to proceed with.

STEP 4: Formal credit application

Proceed with chosen lender. We stay involved in a hands on role during the whole process in order to make sure it runs smoothly and efficiently and to answer any questions that you may have.