We help borrowers navigate
the credit markets

CreditSquare Advisory offers a highly specialised and experienced team of individuals tasked with finding you the best solution to fund your business.

Attractive risk-adjusted returns

Non-bank providers of SME credit can compete with rapid turnaround times and a less ‘product-based’ offering, extending loans at a significant premium to banks. The loans are generally structured as senior secured, with bank-type covenants, resulting in an attractive risk-reward profile.

The CreditSquare team is in a unique position to seize the opportunity

We have spent years building a detailed understanding of the UK SME credit space, establishing a robust origination framework and an understanding of the current options for a borrower. We combine this with firm-wide experience from large investment banks and consultancies, dealing with institutional investors and borrowers. This expertise is now leveraged to produce an investable product for institutions looking for exposure to SME credit.

Reducing the transaction costs

In order to find the balance between a well-structured and properly analysed situation, and keeping the costs appropriate for the size of transactions, we utilize our process-based IT-platform to process all stages of a credit.

High street bank oligopoly is eroding

Regulation and bloated balance sheets have meant that banks have stepped back, leaving a large funding gap in the market. Combined this with improved accounting standards and availability of information, their oligopolistic position is a thing of the past.

Slow lending processes & low approval rates

Virtual monopoly and overly bureaucratic organisations often make for a very frustrating experience for borrowers.

By taking the time to understand the borrower’s business and reason for seeking credit we can streamline the process.

Overloaded bank balance sheets

Legacy debt remains on the high street bank balance sheets, constraining lending despite ample access to liquidity.

CreditSquare works with more flexible lenders who don’t have this problem.

Increased regulatory environment

SME lending carries a higher risk weighting under the Basel framework, making it less attractive for banks.

We are aware of the issues and have access to a variety of alternative lenders when the banks are not enough.

Slow-moving investment mandates

Institutional debt investors often overlook the SME space, many times due to a lack of understanding.

At CreditSquare we have invested significant time in educating credit investors on the attractiveness of the space.