Debt financing: the true cost of debt

20 Mar 2017 · Oscar Fransson

By Daniel Barrett Most businesses use debt as part of their financing structure to finance growth, fund working capital, or to finance an acquisition. When considering a debt financing facility, the immediate and most common »

SME survey of Lenders on Brexit

30 Jun 2016 · Björn Lindvall

  What impact will Brexit have on the behaviour of UK SME lenders? In the wake of a referendum that shocked financial markets, the CreditSquare team has been hitting the phones and crunching the numbers »

Q4 Activity and Availability of Credit

11 Apr 2016 · Oscar Fransson

CreditSquare is pleased to announce the release of the Q4 2015 reading of our Activity and Availability of Credit Index for UK SMEs. Key points: -Bearish borrower data drove availability down to 44.4, the only »

Mid-Market SME Funding – Return of the Merchant Bank

05 Apr 2016 · Björn Lindvall

Following the more recent changes in credit sentiment and a significant mood change in VC’s apetite for funding FinTech platforms. I thought I would pen and article on my thoughts on the way forward for »