Activity and Availability of Credit for UK SMEs – A Quarterly CreditSquare Index Series

07 Aug 2015

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new index series covering Activity and Availability of Credit (AAC) for UK SMEs. As part of the ongoing quality improvement work within the CreditSquare research team, it has been decided to replace the SME credit Supply and Demand index series with the AAC. As such there will be no further releases of the old index, but ad hoc readings may be produced by the team on a case by case basis.

The new index series improves the signal value of the output whilst updating the technical methodology. The first release, covering Q1 2015 will be released in conjunction with this announcement, and the white paper outlining the methodology can be found by clicking here.


AAC Indices for Q1 2015:

Activity:           77.8

Availability:   72.2


We also publish the first reading of the index series, covering Q1 2015. The first quarter marked strong readings for both indices and key points are presented in the press release which can be found by clicking here.


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